The next step for a 10 & Under and Challenger Development player is to eventually progress and move to High Performance training. The requirement for this step to occur for the 10 and under player to receive 20 credits from playing 10 orange ball tournaments and have completed 3 green dot ball USTA challenger events. For the Challenger Development player, the requirement is to complete 3 months of USTA Challenger Tournaments. Both players must also be able to rally 10 balls continuously from baseline to baseline in the full 78 ft court with a green dot or regular ball in a control matter.


Tennis Policies

1. All program participants must have a credit card on file with Bay Oaks Country Club. Payment for programs will occur at the beginning of every month. Any drop-in participation will be paid for on the day of participation.

2. Participants will be automatically enrolled at the beginning of each month according to participation of the previous month. A written or emailed notice must be submitted to Diego Casco at no less than 15 days prior to the 1st of the month for program cancellation. Days cannot be transferred between other programs or future months. Monthly fees will only be pro-rated for new participants who join after the 1st of the month. I have read and agree to the above policies for Bay Oaks Country Club junior programs.